Korean food on a budget in the midst of London: Seoul Bakery.


Seoul Bakery is a small restaurant tucked away in the midst of a busy street in London, Russell Square. Having been eating there for the last 4 years, it has remained one of my most favourite and most frequented restaurants of all time.

Inspired by Korean street food, Seoul Bakery offers a variety of Korea’s most famous dishes. Although the menu may be small, it will 100% satisfy your cravings of sweet, spicy food on a budget.

The charming part of Seoul Bakery is the cosy & inviting atmosphere that it gives. The soft lingering of Kpop in your ears invites you to immerse yourself into the culture by enjoying the popular, trendy & catchy tunes whilst you enjoy your food.


What makes Seoul Bakery so unique is that you can add your own mark to the walls, leaving a memoir behind for the next customers and for yourself in the future. Not to mention, when you dine at Seoul Bakery, you are literally shoulder to shoulder with other customers as you eat, because of how small the restaurant is. Believe it or not, this actually makes it more enjoyable as you get to share your table with strangers and socialise whilst you enjoy your food. An interesting twist to this gem is that it has a secret room full of Kpop wonders hidden away in their basement. Truth be told, I haven’t been to the Kpop room but from what I’ve been told, the secret room offers you unlimited Kpop albums and merch of your fave Kpop groups that you can purchase here in the UK. Although if you would like to visit the room and buy some goodies, you have to book online before visiting.

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Some of my favourite items on the menu are the Bibimbap which consists of white rice, sautéed vegetables in sesame oil, beef and a spicy red pepper sauce which you mix them all up to make a fusion of flavours. Tteokbokki is another fave dish of mine and also a cult fave by not only by international fans but within Korea too. This dish is made of rice cakes with a sweet and spicy sauce, I would also recommend you to add ramen as it gives a texture to it and makes the dish more long lasting and filling. Lastly but not in the least, Gimbap as some would say the Korean version of sushi is a must have side dish along side the Tteokbokki. This dish offers various versions of it and you can pick and chose which you would prefer. My fave is the beef and American cheese version and I like to eat it by dipping it in the sweet and spicy sauce in the Tteokbokki.


Being based in Russell square, Seoul bakery is right next to the British museum. So if your ever in the area, you can kill two birds with one stone and make a day trip out of it by visiting both places. Although if you do decide to visit Seoul bakery, you need to be prepared to que up as you cannot prebook a table as it is first come, first served but I can assure you, no matter how much you have to wait, it is all worth it when your yummy food finally arrives to your table and you have a hallelujah moment lol.

Thanks for reading. xo

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