Question, why are people so mean?

Lately, this question has kept on popping up into my brain, now it could be the job I have but I have noticed that the more I interact with strangers or let’s say actual human beings on this planet, I’ve noticed how rude they are and for no reason.

Let me tell you something about myself, I work in retail. Oh yes the beloved retail, I am living the dream by working there by choice because that’s clearly what I want to be doing with my life… But it pays the bills until I grow the fuck up and decide on a career. lol.  Dang, I’m a hypocrite, I’m talking shit about mean people and look at me being mean to myself but anyway, enough of me. Now not to be ageist but I have noticed how rude middle aged people are, mostly our parents ages and yes I am generalising which is a no no but I really need to vent about this. They think they own the world and us, like 5% of them are nice and gracious and the remaining are so entitled. I have had people throw their cards/cash at me instead of just passing it to me, you know I’m a germaphobe as the next person but they don’t actually have to touch my hands to pass me their cash unless I’m missing something and my hands are disgusting. Not to mention when you go over to help them and they look you up and down and ask you what the fuck are you doing and I’m like I’m helping you and they’re like get the fuck out of here and when you leave, they call you back like pls help me and I just have to do it because job. Why cant people just be gracious and have nice manners, you don’t have to always snap at someone especially a stranger who is trying to get through their day and do their job just because your a entitled, mean person. You know what’s even more annoying? when they touch you, like did I give you permission to keep patting me on my back to get my attention or poking me, like where are my rights people. I mean who am I kidding, If everyone was not mean and actually respected other people and their personal space  , the world would be a better place and yes I said it, it is true. Anyways, if your one of those can I speak to the manager, be ashamed of yourself unless your nice about it then have a nice day.

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