Before I sleep thoughts.

So today was a uneventful, mundane evening. I had a evening shift and had a
not so pleasant experience with a Priest, I mean it's kind of funny yet 
confusing at the same time but anyway, that's a story for another day. I 
rushed home after my shift and started to feel really sick because I hadn't
eaten since morning so I gorged out on a left over spaghetti and some hot 
chicken wings crisps and then felt even more sick because I ate too fast. 
A mistake I always seem to make and regret but it's all good, I got through 
it and had a lot of water to help digest it all. Now I'm in bed with some 
warm milk and a shot of brown cinnamon syrup to sweeten me up ready for bed,
but yet it's still hard to sleep knowing that I have another uneventful, 
long day of having a job which is soooo boring and uninspiring. I mean I 
tell myself, this isn't forever and that I'm working this part time job to 
support my journey towards my dream of having a career that I love and I'm 
passionate about. However the doubt and the fear of failing manages to stop 
me each time from trying. Although I know this is only a bump in the road of
a very long journey of being the person I was meant to be and who I would 
like to be so basically, it's a work in progress. Now I didn't expect this 
to get so deep but for some reason when your lying in bed, you tend to get
very sentimental and tend to overthink a lot, well at 
least I do. Anyhow, there's my insightful monologue for the night and now
I'm ready for bed so goodnight folks.

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