A sexist moment at work.

So you know how I always mention how I have a uneventful day at work almost
all the time, well today was the same except for that one moment, 'the 
sexist moment'. Now I wish I could dramatises this for you all but it pretty
much went like this. You see, this customer was slightly older than middle 
aged, I cant really tell but he basically had grey hair and a lot of 
wrinkles but you know, not that it matters, I'm just being really petty by 
calling him old. Anyways, he wanted a refund, so me and another colleague 
was helping him with that and the system was going through it and not being 
that cooperative as it should of and we were apologising to the customer 
for it but it didn't end there, he then decided to blame the slow system on 
women. He said I quote, "must of been made by a female, must be a female 
system" and me and my other colleague were just like 
"wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow", I swear it felt like we said it like that.
Then, he just walked off and my colleague was like I thought you would say 
something but then I'm just like, what would I say? Do I really want to 
spend my time arguing with this ignorant 'human being', Do I really want to 
work myself up and possibly upset myself as a result because of someone's 
view in which I do not care for. But then, the other half of me wished I
said something and stood up for myself and for feminism in general. So I 
feel like I'm stuck in between the two, feeling disappointed in myself for 
not sticking up for who I am as a person and my morals, yet feeling like 
it's not worth the argument at the same time. I really hate having moral 
dilemmas, debating with myself, feeling 2 sets of feelings and do I have
a moral of a story for this story, I guess, being human is hard and your
not always going to agree with others or yourself oh and being a woman is
great and If I were to be born again, I would choose being a woman yet 

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