Carole & Tuesday// a light hearted, musical anime that tugs on your heart strings.

I believe the last time I wrote an anime review was for 'Erased' and I don't
think I did it any justice but then again no review can, you gotta watch 
these things for yourself. Now the first time I heard about Carole & Tuesday
was on a recommended youtube video where someone had uploaded the
performances of the characters in the anime. As a long time anime enthusiast
, I was intrigued, the music wasn't your typical JPOP or an anime opening,
there was different genres, indie, edm, opera and some whimsical nonsense. 
The dance moves also got to me, they had such groove to them considering 
they were drawn and then it finally came on to Netflix UK and I had to watch
it. Before watching it, I didn't really read about it other than watching 
that youtube video, I assumed it was a anime about contestants performing
and nothing more but I was genuinely surprised that it actually had a story
revolving around two characters called Carole & Tuesday. It was also 
refreshing to see one of the main character's Carole being of African
descent and a refugee, something you really don't see in anime. The contrast
between the two characters, one a refugee and the other Tuesday who was born 
to privilege adds to the chemistry both characters have with each other. 
(I want to be named Tuesday, it's such a cool name.) I cant be the only one 
who likes the dynamic of two different backgrounds meeting each other and 
starting lives together regardless of their backgrounds. Come to think about
it, that's pretty much every anime I've seen.

Anyway, Carole & Tuesday is based in the future and they are on Mars which 
is so freaking cool. The entirety of the anime is futuristic, AI
everywhere, almost reminded me of 'Detective Pickachu', in terms of the
Pokemon being everywhere, almost like pets and in this universe, some AI
were pets too. I want an AI pet. 

Carole & Tuesday both share a love for music and find each other by 
coincidence on a bridge where Carole is busking, they realise how compatible
they are as Carole makes melodies and Tuesday writes lyrics. They then 
decide to become a duo and compete on a music competition as a chance to 
debut into the music industry and at the same time their friendship is 
tested through hardships. What I appreciated about this anime is the 
various topics it addresses throughout, for example; homosexuality, fame, 
stage mums, child stars, friendship, jealousy, internet celebrities, 
stalkers, family, AI, refugees,the future and probably a lot more that I 
cant think of in this moment. This is what makes this anime a slice of life 
as it is relatable to us in a time where every anime right now is being 
teleported to another world as a hero and you have to save everyone which 
don't get me wrong, I have seen all of those. Cant wait for shield hero 
season 2. I wouldn't say it is the best anime I have seen but it is a 
refreshing addition to a season of animes that borderline as same as. So 
if your in the market for a light hearted anime, give this a watch in the 


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