Coffee thoughts//vol 3.

Coffee thoughts.

Today I thought to myself, I would adventure out into the wilderness and by
that I mean go outside by myself. I ended up in a local Costa being tempted
by their seasonal drinks and ordered myself a bonfire latte and yes it does
taste as good as it sounds. There was also a hot chocolate and cold brew 
option which I will have to try next time on my payday, coffee gets
expensive. I also recently tried Starbucks, pumpkin spice latte and in this
case, it's one of those, it sounds better than it tastes. All I tasted was
coffee and for someone who prefers their drinks sweet, it was a bitter
ending. I have to laugh at myself as I drink this latte for having thoughts 
on which latte I preferred and what I would rate it. Oh how far I have come 
as a 24 yr old. 

Do you ever think to yourself, how your teenage self would 
think of your current adult self? I do and I wonder if she would be 
disappointed with me or happy with how she turned out? I like to believe 
I turned out ok, I mean it's not like I'm a mass murdering criminal, I'm 
pretty normal with normal problems but sometimes I think to myself, I wish 
there was something exciting happening, maybe dragons or a quest I could go 
on, something like the films I watch, the books I read or the anime's I 
watch before I sleep. I wish I could be teleported like Shield hero to 
another world and my sole purpose is to be a hero and save the world, I 
guess I want a purpose like many others, a legacy to leave behind, my name 
in history. But I'm too normal, I live in a normal town, I have normal 
friends with real goals like work, get married, have kids and retire. I 
can't be the only one who finds that boring, maybe I should of chosen a 
acting career because then I could live out these 'fantasies', be anyone I 
want, whenever and wherever. I sometimes think to myself, I'm too much of a 
dreamer and wish I had realistic goals like others but in my mind, I'm 
dreaming of adventures and voyages. I feel thankful to my significant other,
he doesn't ridicule me for these thoughts but I do wonder how long it'll 
take this world to kill my dreams.


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