The holiday season is great for some but not so great for others// my thoughts.

So Christmas is coming up soon, I know Halloween is up first in the upcoming
seasonal holidays this year but that is over so quickly, you barely 
celebrate it compared to Christmas. You see Christmas excites me, It brings
me joy when I go into a store and I hear the jingles, I see the decorations,
I think my favourite part will always be the Christmas tree, it's so 
beautiful. However I feel like it's never complete for me, I come from a 
family who doesn't celebrate it so growing up I was always envious about 
others who were able to have a Christmas tree in their house and get to 
celebrate it. I always felt uncomfortable going back to school after 
Christmas and everyone was talking about all the presents they got and they
then would ask me and I would make up some lie because I really wanted to be
like them. So I always felt lonely during Christmas, a season meant for 
families to reunite. However that all changed when I met my significant
other, his family celebrated Christmas, he celebrated Christmas and I 
started to feel whole again during this period. My first time celebrating it
was very chill, I don't know why but in my head I assumed alot more would
go on but it was your typical, open the presents, eat, drink and play board
games and then I realised that was all it had to be as the meaning of it
is to spend time with one another. I really enjoy being able to buy gifts 
for others and being able to put presents under my Christmas tree now.
Although now that I have come to feel not so lonely during the Christmas
period, I realise that there are alot of people who still due to various 
reasons and it makes me sad. The emphasis on Christmas especially in the U.K
is everywhere, from adverts, local supermarkets to the houses which are lit
with lights down the street. You basically cant escape from it so your 
bound to feel lonely if your not doing anything. I remember I read somewhere
that alot of people tend to feel more depressed during the Christmas season
and that is worrying. I don't really have any solutions but it is something
more and more people can be aware of and as a way to include others. 
Anyway, yall better get saving.

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