Going back to therapy again.


Waiting in the waiting area as I wait to be called in, I'm feeling nervous 
as I haven't been here in a long time due to unseen circumstances. To be 
honest, I don't know how I should feel. I think to myself, what am I going 
to say, have I improved or regressed. Dammit, I just realised I forgot to do
my questionnaire before the session and now I feel more anxious than before 
because I don't want to be a disappointment. Regardless this is for the 
benefit of my mental being and it's a good thing that I'm here and to be 
fair I have come along way due to therapy so I shouldn't have anything to 
fear. But when you have been away from something for some time and have to 
get back to it, it can be scary as it's like doing something new again. Will
these feelings go away or will they linger I wonder?

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