Good afternoon, embrace yourself to my period rant.

Does anyone else hate going to work on your first day of being on your period? Yes it’s a little TMI but that’s reality, I’ve always disliked being on my period especially on the initial heavy days with constant back aches, feeling sick and having no energy. It’s worse because I work in retail andContinue reading “Good afternoon, embrace yourself to my period rant.”

Coffee thoughts//vol 2.

Woke up today feeling tired as usual, when will I become a morning person I wonder. The coffee is helping slightly but I know I’m going to have to pull out my wild card and buy a light redbull to get me rolling for the day. Regardless, today is a Sunday, a chill day forContinue reading “Coffee thoughts//vol 2.”

A sexist moment at work.

So you know how I always mention how I have a uneventful day at work almost all the time, well today was the same except for that one moment, ‘the sexist moment’. Now I wish I could dramatises this for you all but it pretty much went like this. You see, this customer was slightlyContinue reading “A sexist moment at work.”

Before I sleep thoughts.

So today was a uneventful, mundane evening. I had a evening shift and had a not so pleasant experience with a Priest, I mean it’s kind of funny yet confusing at the same time but anyway, that’s a story for another day. I rushed home after my shift and started to feel really sick becauseContinue reading “Before I sleep thoughts.”

Good Afternoon.

Coffee thoughts// vol 1. Does anyone else tend to drift of into their minds whilst drinking coffee? because I do. Today I woke up feeling ok like most days, I want to change this type of pessimistic feeling and magically turn it into a obnoxious positive feeling but it’s hard and that’s ok, these thingsContinue reading “Good Afternoon.”

Question, why are people so mean?

Lately, this question has kept on popping up into my brain, now it could be the job I have but I have noticed that the more I interact with strangers or let’s say actual human beings on this planet, I’ve noticed how rude they are and for no reason. Let me tell you something aboutContinue reading “Question, why are people so mean?”